music and videos by

Alain LeLait

Parent Feedback:

"My children loved your CDs. We have played them 300 gizillions times..." Kate D., California

"I purchased a CD several years ago for my daughter. She loves the songs, and I enjoy seeing her learn the French words in a fun atmosphere. I am looking to acquire more of your music."  Melanie W., Minnesota

Teacher Feedback:

"I am a Teacher and my class really enjoys 'Soyons Amis'. Thanks so much for the great work you do in helping Teachers teach French to children in a fun way. I will recommend your music to everyone I meet..."  Laurie C., Louisiana

"I fell in love with Alain Le Lait's CDs and started using them in my classes. They are wonderful because they relate to the children's world - they are full of animals, fruits, dinosaurs, and colors, so they're perfect for elementary school-age children. They're a great resource for teachers and parents." 
Catherine J.J, Lafayette, CA, quote from the East Bay Express

Here comes an unsolicited letter of praise for 'Soyons Amis'. I have ordered several other children's song tapes or CD's and have always been disappointed because the songs were boring. HOWEVER, 'Soyons Amis' was an instant hit.I teach pre K through 8th grade little French classes and I know I am going to have a great year because of your wonderful songs. I find myself singing them throughout the day. Bravo. I am now going to order 'C'est Si Bon' in the hopes that some of the songs may be better for my older pre-teens. Also, for my Guatemalan granddaughter, I am going to try the Spanish 'Seamos Amigos'.  Please continue turning out these great songs for would-be language learners.Sincerely, Robalee Dinopoulos, Poland, OH


"... showcasing Le Lait's talent for creating songs with definite child appeal.  With a style reminiscent of Raffi's, Le Lait is certainly in his league."   School Library Journal

" publishes clever collections of songs for young French and Spanish learners. The songs are fun, catchy, and easy to learn, and include lots of repetition. In the song "J'aime Les Voitures", for example, color names are reinforced... kids will never forget how to say "purple" in French."  Home Education Magazine

"... sung exclusively in French, Alain's voice is inviting and pleasant.  The lyrics use a lot of repetition, which is important for young children.  Alain's recordings are a great treasure." Growing Up With Music by Laurie Sale

"These 12 original songs in French written by Alain Le Lait have an easy listening sound. Students of varying ages are exposed to the sounds and words of the French language in an upbeat and enjoyable musical atmosphere. Although this title is useful as an introduction to the French language, it also could be used to reinforce French vocabulary studies with older students."  School Library Journal

"Clear Pronunciation and imaginative lyrics brighten this adventurous language CD. It's perfect for those starting language study and makes a good practice session for more accomplished students."  School Library Journal

"A dozen simple songs (10 original) contain catchy melodies, repetitive Spanish lyrics, and a sprinkling of animal noises to entice children familiar with basic Spanish words and phrases... This should find a welcome place in collections for Spanish-speaking listeners or in schools with language-immersion programs."  Booklist

"Alain Le Lait has the right idea. Develop a CD and songbook that is going to help kids learn words and languages while singing silly, fun songs. This particular series is geared towards kids where English is a second language (ESL). The songs are well produced, musically interesting, and catchy with plenty of repetition, which is important for younger children. Come to think about it, I know more than a few teenagers that could benefit from this series. Alain has done a tremendous job with this CD... the playing and recording are top notch. Spread the word, 'It's So Good' is good time music for the little ones." 
Black Rose Acoustic Society